Best Cyber Monday Deals 2010: DVD and Blu-ray combo

It may come as surprise to you but many retailers are selling DVD and Blu-ray combo of same movie as one of the many Best Cyber Monday Deals for 2010. Some stores and DVD Makers are even including the digital copy of same content for buyers to view the movie on computer or smartphone.

Why we need same movie in three version? In the digital age of personalization, many people wants to watch the movie alone even in same hourshold. Young people perfers to watch movies on iPhone, iPad or other type of mobile devices. Whereas Middle age people love to enjoy the movie in the home theatre. Children play their cartoon movies on their personal portable DVD players.

The compo of DVD, Blu-ray at the half price is surely one of the Best Cyber Monday Deals for 2010. According to reports, multiple stores after giving the multi-versioned movies.

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