Steve Jobs to Launch ‘The Daily’ with Rupert Murdoch on Jan 19

Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs will show live next to media tycoon and News Corp. CEO Rupert on Jan. 19 to reveal the latest exclusive tablet-only newspaper, ‘The Daily’ for Apple iPad. According to Yahoo’s ‘The Cutline’, Jobs and Murdoch will make an appearance together at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

The report published by The Cutline reads: “Known as The Daily, Murdoch’s iPad publication has been the talk of the media world over the past couple months, and the News Corp. chief has even dubbed it is ‘No. 1 most exciting project. The hush-hush project has been taking shape at the company’s Manhattan headquarters, but it will also have staffers in Los Angeles.”

Reportedly, The Daily has come into scene after an investment of above $30 million. The cost was mailing incurred in the process of hunting and recruiting a new talented team of valued journalists from the ocean of successful publications including The New Yorker, the Daily Beast, Forbes and Politico.

Employees of The Daily have reportedly been performing complete test runs for the publication for quite some time now. They created “dummy issues” for a limited test readership of nearly 1,000. It is predicted that the publication may possibly launch in conjunction with a new version of Apple’s iOS mobile operating system, which enables users to recur app subscriptions via software sold on the App Store.