Elop: Microsoft Paying Nokia Billions

On Sunday, Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia shared with the world that Microsoft is paying Nokia billions to replace their present software with Windows Phone 7.

The deal between Microsoft and Nokia was unveiled on Friday which stated that the Finnish company would join hands with Microsoft to adopt their software for the smartphones. However, on Sunday Elop stated that the deal was for billions of dollars from the software giant to adopt their software.

Though the announcement came as quite sad news for some employees as they went home early from work and not to mention the stock dived in 14 percent on Friday. Nonetheless Elop stated that this was all for the best of company. He even made it public that they were approached by Google Inc. to persuade the change be brought to Nokia by incorporating Android as their chief software.

Former Microsoft employee, Elop joined Nokia back in September so that the company would once again be what it was before and not just rest on its laurels. He was even questioned about his motives in Barcelona at the World Mobile Congress 2011 event asking if he was a Trojan horse; someone who would streer the company back in the direction of Microsoft so Elop said “The obvious answer is ‘No,’ Thanks for asking.”

He added that the decision to go with Microsoft’s software was unanimous in Nokia’s senior management and the board approved the deal on Thursday night.


Verizon iPhone 4 Orders Already Shipping

Verizon subscribers who instantly placed orders for an iPhone 4 on Thursday have by now been informed that their order has been dispatched. The orders are expected to be delivered around Feb. 10.

According to The Associated Press, merely a few hours after iPhone 4 was first made available, several people confirmed that their orders have already been shipped. Preorders for the CDMA iPhone 4 are at present simply available for existing Verizon customers.

Although the consignments are by now headed out a week prior to the official Feb. 10 launch date, it is clearly no indication that the devices will be delivered to the consumers before time.

Steve Jobs to Launch ‘The Daily’ with Rupert Murdoch on Jan 19

Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs will show live next to media tycoon and News Corp. CEO Rupert on Jan. 19 to reveal the latest exclusive tablet-only newspaper, ‘The Daily’ for Apple iPad. According to Yahoo’s ‘The Cutline’, Jobs and Murdoch will make an appearance together at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

The report published by The Cutline reads: “Known as The Daily, Murdoch’s iPad publication has been the talk of the media world over the past couple months, and the News Corp. chief has even dubbed it is ‘No. 1 most exciting project. The hush-hush project has been taking shape at the company’s Manhattan headquarters, but it will also have staffers in Los Angeles.”

Reportedly, The Daily has come into scene after an investment of above $30 million. The cost was mailing incurred in the process of hunting and recruiting a new talented team of valued journalists from the ocean of successful publications including The New Yorker, the Daily Beast, Forbes and Politico.

Employees of The Daily have reportedly been performing complete test runs for the publication for quite some time now. They created “dummy issues” for a limited test readership of nearly 1,000. It is predicted that the publication may possibly launch in conjunction with a new version of Apple’s iOS mobile operating system, which enables users to recur app subscriptions via software sold on the App Store.

Best Cyber Monday Deals 2010: DVD and Blu-ray combo

It may come as surprise to you but many retailers are selling DVD and Blu-ray combo of same movie as one of the many Best Cyber Monday Deals for 2010. Some stores and DVD Makers are even including the digital copy of same content for buyers to view the movie on computer or smartphone.

Why we need same movie in three version? In the digital age of personalization, many people wants to watch the movie alone even in same hourshold. Young people perfers to watch movies on iPhone, iPad or other type of mobile devices. Whereas Middle age people love to enjoy the movie in the home theatre. Children play their cartoon movies on their personal portable DVD players.

The compo of DVD, Blu-ray at the half price is surely one of the Best Cyber Monday Deals for 2010. According to reports, multiple stores after giving the multi-versioned movies.